A creative PR Agency in Cardiff

High profile PR coverage is exciting and, yes, we do achieve it for our clients.

PR helps to get your business in front of potential customers and is a highly effective brand awareness tool.

But it’s also so much more than that.


We help take care of every step of your PR campaigns, from generating ideas, creating press releases that are designed to be engaged with, right through to mapping & researching contact lists of relevant media outlets and influencers.

We can provide you with regular PR management or support for a one-off promotion. Regular rolling campaigns help to keep coverage high month by month, making the benefits of PR consistent over time. This could be through forward features in key industry media or regular news press releases to keep customers up-to-date.

One of the main hurdles for a successful PR campaign is getting the initial attention of media outlets. As a specialist PR and communications agency, we know how to speak to journalists, editors and media professionals. We will refine each press release to be seen and used by busy news desks.

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Digital PR increasingly plays an important role in content marketing & PR strategy. Campaign coverage can link back to your website, driving new customers directly to your services. Whether promoting a new product launch or focusing on brand promotion, digital PR will capture the attention of new audiences.

With so much content vying for attention on the internet, brands need to be creative to get coverage. Our creative & content teams help bridge the gap between design and copy to create bespoke campaigns that gain coverage and links. Content may take many different forms for best effect, such as interactive tools, engaging assets, or timely research.

Digital PR campaigns are a tried and tested way of building website authority through link building, a key element of any SEO strategy. Campaigns can also be seasonal, to promote specific services and products in line with wider trends.

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We’ll help spread word of your brand through brand awareness campaigns. We’ll help identify key media outlets which will have the most impact on your brand. Industry outlets, trade magazines, local and national news organisations are all key to improving and gaining awareness with specific audiences and customers.

Brand awareness campaigns let customers know about your services and products, helping to keep your business fresh in the mind of previous customers, and will also reach new audiences. Brand awareness campaigns can take many forms, including forward features, press releases, or participation in business awards. We’ll work with you to bring the right message to the right audience in the right places.

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In times of public relation crisis, brand reputation management is vital. Proactive PR can help to protect your brand if there is an ongoing issue damaging your customer relations. We have vast experience providing PR services to a range of clients that can be relied on during a crisis.

Successful crisis management needs calm and effective strategy. We’ll provide clear guidance in times of crisis, drawing on years of direct experience in client public relations. Together, we will utilise crisis communication and PR campaigns to limit potential damage to your brand.


We’ll work with you to gain a full understanding of what you are trying to achieve, who your target audience is and whether you should be considering any wider audiences too. We’ll align your PR with your business strategy. A big part of this is knowing how and where to gain coverage that will bring the most benefit to your business. We’ll identify the media outlets that will boost your brand reputation.


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