About Us.

We help businesses grow by creating lasting positive impacts, through strategic communications. Find out a little more about who we are, and why we come to work on a Monday morning.

Big hearts and great minds…

Our aim at Station Rd. is to create a better kind of agency, grounded in care for people. A space that provides everyone with what they need to progress in an environment that we all enjoy being in.

One where people don’t dread coming to work or where clock watchers reside…no egos or office politics and certainly no corporate BS. A place where we can combine our smarts and play to our strengths.

Ultimately, an agency where our clients benefit from a team that can focus on doing great work.

Over the years we’ve continued to grow strong working relationships with those we’ve connected with and supported. For us, the journey is just as important as the destination, and lets certainly not forget, the company you keep along the way.

Working together.

As a client of ours, you can rely on us to always act with integrity, purpose, and enthusiasm (not to mention good humour). Our team will always focus on getting you the results that matter – we’ll challenge you when we need to and hold our hands up if we ever make a mistake (and get things fixed quickly of course).

Our clients tell us that they feel like we are part of their teams, not just an extension and we’ll certainly treat your business as though it were our own, providing you with value every step of the way. We’ll do everything we can to excite you (and hopefully inspire you) with work that, well works!

Why not explore exactly how we do it and why? Take a look at what we’ve achieved with our clients, meet our team, and discover what we think about the latest industry trends (fitness apps and coffee blends).



Listener, thinker and truth seeker. Lyanna helps those she works with nurture positive mindsets and empowers them to get on the right track to communicate better.




Lead Developer


Social Media Manager


Graphic Designer


Creative Artworker

Super enthusiastic, a perfectionist and big on smiles. Emily is our creative with phenomenal levels of attention to detail, specialising in brand identity, packaging, POS and retouching.


Creative Designer

Creative, curious and big on research. Emma develops stand out visual communications and brings projects and campaigns to life with her artistic flair.


Content & PR Specialist

Writer, editor and all round wordsmith. Mel makes sure all things written word are crafted with precision and passion, from pithy opinion articles to powerful web copy.


Digital Marketing Strategist

Methodical, data-driven and strategic. Using data and the latest tech, Rhydian focuses on impeccable targeting and measurement, ensuring we get the most out of every channel for our clients.


Content Strategist

Passionate, tenacious and always prepared. Rachel gets things done, focusing on keeping day-to-day activity on track, specialising in PR, social media and reputation management.


Brand Strategist

Analytical, creative and strategist. Lorraine leads on insights and brand strategy, bringing decades of experience helping ambitious organisations elevate their brands through actionable intelligence.


Head of Creative Services

Process. Process. Process. Ensuring the timely delivery of all projects, Matt manages creative output, workflow and provides production support to the wider team.



Logical, data-driven and critical thinker. Jay ensures the successful and efficient running of the business and provides senior guidance across all things tech and digital.


Digital Marketing Account Manager

Curious, Tenacious and Passionate. Rhian supports the clients to develop their digital campaigns and to meet their targets and return a positive ROI.