The Strategy & Intelligence Agency


We bring together research, data science, technology and behavioural change to shape strategies that deliver meaningful growth.


Improving business decision making.

We use the power of understanding human behaviour and market insights to change people’s actions for impact.

Collecting, curating, interpreting and distilling data into useful insights is something we do every day. We’ll help you understand your market(s), who you want or need to influence, and highlight key areas of focus, tackle current challenges and take you to where you want to be. Together, we’ll make the most of the opportunities we identify and shape strategies to deliver communications that have a lasting positive impact on customer engagement and spending habits, so you can reach your goals with confidence.

Critical thinkers, analysts, and strategic minds. We immerse ourselves in the details and help formulate a clear vision to inform decisions and strategy development. From business and market intelligence to emotional intelligence, we’ll help identify insights that will shape future growth for your business and your people.

For such a little word, data can often be overwhelming. It doesn’t need to be. Our team will break it down and together we’ll uncover what it means for you and your business before it’s translated into actionable strategy and tactics.


Identify the biggest opportunities in order to maximise results.

Successful businesses are not successful without a plan, and we know that just as much as you do. That’s why our first step with every client starts by asking them “why?” — we want to make sure goals are clear from day one so everyone can work together toward success.

Whether you’ve come to us for a new website, SEO content strategy, a rebrand, paid search, PR outreach or more, we always take a strategy-first approach. For us to have the biggest impact for your business, we need to know what you are trying to achieve and why. Then we can look at all the relevant data and intelligence needed to help make the most of the opportunities (mitigate any risks) and shape an effective marketing communications strategy, pulling in the relevant marketing channels for tactical delivery.

Our role is to help bring clarity where you potentially see complexities and chaos with our structured strategy framework and approach.

Our Full Strategy & Intelligence Services.

Business Audits

We get under the skin of your business to understand what you’re all about, what the data says, where the opportunities lie and the stories you have to tell.

Landscape & Competitor Audits

From day one we become your ‘eyes and ears’ keeping track of what’s happening in your sector and what the competition is doing (or not doing) as well as any wider market opportunities. Whether you want a one-off audit or ongoing reporting, our insights team will pull together what you need to stay ahead of the game and operate with strategic intent. These reports feed into our planning workshops and help shape our strategies.

Planning Workshops

Without a plan in place, even the best ideas don’t succeed. Our planning workshops make sure our strategies create the biggest impact possible. The immersive sessions with your team are tailored to your needs but include a check in on your goals, proposition, vision, values and mission – we even get back to basics with an ‘old skool’ SWOT analysis which often helps shape wider business plans.

Communications Strategy

Once we’ve done our homework, we build an effective communications strategy designed to start getting your business noticed and achieve the results you want. We break this down from an annual plan into detailed 90-day focus points, mapping out tactical activities that can be delivered via your internal team, us, or together.


We make sure you’re heard above all the noise, by getting the right message to the right people, at the right time. We develop messaging hierarchy that aligns with key audiences and sectors, helping to deliver targeted messages that resonate with your audience.

Emotional Intelligence Reviews & Workshops

We know that people are the heart of any business. We can help you and your team identify strengths, weaknesses and personal opportunities for growth. Through individual EQ profiling as well team reports, we can deliver on success in your business by building better relationships within them. In one-to-one or group sessions, together with our experienced in-house EQ coach who has helped countless others achieve their goals – we’ll work towards resolving conflict quickly while understanding each other more fully than ever before.

Who we’ve impacted.

And how are you?

Now you know a little about us – we’re curious to know more about you. Drop us a line, we’d love to talk.