Telling a great story, not just a good one, is more important than ever in the digital world that we live in – more and people are creating content and pushing it out there – we are continuously bombarded with tweets, posts, pins, links and not forgetting good ol emails.

But, what makes us stop and take notice?

Here’s a few things to consider:

  • Keep it simple – a great story is easy to understand and relevant to your audience
  • A good story surprises you – a great story ‘disrupts’ and makes you want to hear the ending
  • What is the great tragedy/conflict? The problem…?
  • It needs to be real #truetory
  • People are interested in people – has your story got some human interest? Here’s where it gets emotional….
  • Every great story has a hero (this is where you get to talk about you)
  • What is the happily ever after?

Storytelling is a word that has been kicking around for years in business but has resurfaced of late and become quite the ‘buzzword’ again. Some people may feel this term sits in the same camp as the BS (business speak) we are exposed to quite frequently “…let’s strategise, grab the low hanging fruit and get two bites of the cherry…” (you get the picture).

However, there is no getting away from it; the power of a GREAT story can play a significant role in transforming a business, getting your message out there and supporting change. So before you start telling your story – stop and think…is this a good story, or a great one?!