Here we are again with a brand-new blog post about our team. Today it’s time to meet one of the two brilliant minds behind Station Rd., Jay Stallard. He is our geeky director, master of everything SEO and Google Analytics, who also works closely with our design team to create great artwork for our clients. So now we wonder, is there anything he can’t do? If you have worked with us before, you’ll know he’s the man who will give you facts and tangible results. Anywho, enough talking, let’s get to know him better.

Tell us about yourself…
Where do I start…I’m originally from the lovely Rhondda Valley in South Wales, or ‘The Valleys’ as everyone tends to call it and I moved to Cardiff for University. After moving to the city, I pretty much stayed here. For the majority of my career I’ve worked client side or in-house for a number of large UK companies, which is where I started my “marketing / digital” journey, before deciding to come across to the dark side and move into agency life. But not one for doing things by halves, I couldn’t just stop there; I had to go one further and actually set up the agency as well as work in it! I’m an out and out digital geek and love anything tech related, which is a good thing I suppose given what I do. I have a little boy called Leo, who is an absolutely awesome little boy and certainly keeps us on our toes whilst bringing a smile to everyone’s face.

If you were to describe yourself in five words, what would they be?
Tall, honest, tenacious, funny, Viking.

What has been your favourite project that you’ve worked on?
For me it’s not about just having one or two stand out projects but more about being able to use my past experience and knowledge to piece together solutions for our clients in order to get them awesome results. Given that we work within a wide range of industries, I love being able to take learnings from one industry and passing them across to see if we can utilise a new way of working in a completely different sector.

Why did I decide to join Station Rd?
Um, don’t know if I can answer this one considering myself and Lyanna – SPOILER ALERT! – set the business up. But I suppose if I was coming in as a new member of the team, it would have to be the way the team operates and simply clicks together to create great work for our clients – that’s something I think that’s very hard to beat. Plus, I think the trust that each member of the team has in each other has created an environment where everyone can be themselves, and thrive.

Tell us one thing we wouldn’t know about you?
The most random thing about me is that I own two hand-written letters from The Kray Twins…I’ll leave that there, I think!