A strategic email marketing agency

Email marketing campaigns give your business a direct channel to potential customers and clients. The possibilities are endless, and the right campaign can be a sustainable source of leads and customer engagement. We’ve been working with clients across a range of sectors to make the most of their email campaigns, bringing insights and learning from (many) years of planning, designing and creating campaigns that are seen with subject lines that help increase open rates.

Why Email marketing?

Email marketing is an incredibly varied tool, and campaigns can take different forms to achieve different goals. Campaigns caninclude newsletters, announcements, sales campaigns, deals and promotions. These varied campaigns will help build brand awareness and drive sales and leads.
For best results email marketing campaigns need a solid strategy in place. It’s not a matter of just writing some content and getting it out (that’s the last bit).

Consideration needs to be given to why you are sending out that email and the ‘so what’ factor for your audiences.The audience is the key (they always should be) – who are they, what are they interested in, how do they like to receive information etc. (a lot of thinking at this stage). If you don’t know – it’s important to find out and omit the guesswork – we can help with that! Frequency, tone, content, and the ever-important subject line are also all key elements that need to be mapped out.

Whether you need email campaigns and audiences built from scratch (we are GDPR compliant) or an existing campaign refined and optimised, we’d be more than happy to help.

Strategic email marketing planning

As mentioned above – the first step to any email campaign is the planning side of things. Spending time to consider what you want to achieve (and whether email is the best channel to achieve your goal) is essential to ensure you get the best results. We can work with you to help figure that out and align the campaign (or series of campaigns) with what you want to achieve. This could be to increase your subscriber base, stay front of mind and generate more leads for your business.

The strategy and approach to email will vary depending on whether a campaign is targeting consumers or other businesses (and what you are trying to promote or communicate). Once we know what we are trying to deliver, we’ll look to create compelling content and refine the messaging and calls to action in line with your tone of voice and to appeal to a specific audience. Once the campaign has been sent we still continue to monitor the data we have (we use multiple email platforms that provide trackable insights and are a Hubspot partner) and make tweaks and optimise campaigns to improve both open rate and click through rate.
Without a proper strategy, email campaigns may end up in front of the wrong people at the wrong time, causing low engagement and unsubscription. We’ll always do our best to make sure emails are sent at the right times to the right people, to help improve open rates and reader engagement.

Grow your email database

With email marketing, the return on investment often scales with the size and quality of the audience. The perfect campaign can be limited if only a small number of subscribers will see it – but we must not forget that when it comes to an audience quality trumps quantity every time. This is why it is important to spend time and due diligence on who you want to reach and review contact lists and prospective contacts right at the start.

There are many ways to grow your email database and subscriber list and we can help you to do so.

Focus your efforts with data segmentation

Taking the time to understandyour subscriber data to ensure the right email reaches the right audience is so important. The more you know about your audience the more you’ll be able to define and refine your audience segments. Whether it’s by industry, product interest or a specific action they have taken on your website, the more knowledge you have the more personalised and targeted you can be with your email communications. By spending time on this upfront and keeping lists categorised effectively (and up to date) you’ll be able to help improve the overall engagement of an audience with your emails.

Email marketing is often done at scale. So sometimes it’s easy to forget that success relies on individual subscribers engaging with individual emails. This makes the quality of content and messaging important. With mass mailing software it’s increasingly easy to send email campaigns to huge subscriber lists. But if your email reaches the wrong person, there won’t be any engagement.

Audience segmentation means emails can be personalised (and at scale). Messaging can be tweaked for different segments, or unique campaigns can be designed and sent. At Station Rd. we don’t believe in blanket email campaigns, and spend the time developing focused strategies and content for each unique part of your customer base.